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We Put
English First

Competencies are combinations of knowledge, skills, and characteristics that students develop and apply to learn, live, and work successfully. They emphasize aspects of English language learning that apply within and across subjects and enhance literacy to prepare Canada Home Tutoring students for successful and fulfilling lives and to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world.

Mission & Approach

Our mission is to integrate English language arts into any daily activity, including a school curriculum approach so that students learn age- or grade-level-appropriate quality English so broadly that it can accompany them throughout their lives.
Our commitment has been to integrate tutors born in an English-speaking country who do not have skills in the Spanish language; this eventually causes our students to switch their thoughts to English, which will permanently facilitate their learning.

Our Tutors.

Our tutors are originally from Canada, the US, England and Australia and do not have the Spanish language skills, which will guarantee fast and effective learning for our students.

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